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Below I share a sampling of design work I have created for friends and myself.

Logo Design: Once in a while a friend will start a new business and ask me to create a logo for their new business. This gif shows a few of the logos I have made for their projects.

Ali Ha Contact Card: An interactive business card that allows the user to direct the recipient to a specific action for making future contact.

Ali Ha 2019 Art Collection Booklet: The cover text uses sections of the art inside the letter forms to highlight the texture of a few of the works of art featured in the booklet. The book flips over to create 2 books, with 2 covers on each end, as the booklet featured two different art collections by the same artist. 

Ali Ha Holiday Mailing: Printed on a Linen paper to highlight the artwork featured for the promotional card. The envelope was 4/C printed using a hand drawing to make it seem handmade and unique to each recipient.

Ali Ha My Own Book Club Booklet: This book was done with colorful gradients throughout the entire booklet. I had it printed with a matte texture to match the feel of the content. I created a sticker sheet with 5 die cut stickers about imaginary titled books I wrote and illustrated for the stickers. The sticker sheet was tipped in to the last page of the book with a light adhesive for easy removal, should the reader want to keep the sticker sheet separate from the booklet.

Ali Ha 2016 Art Collection Booklet: A photographer friend (Jamz Smith) and his stylist girlfriend (Mimi Ton) and I went to central park with my 2016 artwork (some of it unfinished) and did a photoshoot. The end result was this book.

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