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Experiments in Art


After art school at Syracuse University, I landed in
New York City in 2000 and began to blend my art
and upbringing as a descendant of woman quilters.
I created fabric, 3D movable sculptures and showed them with the artist group Skewville. The sculptures proved difficult for transport or storage after a while,
I began working on flat art pieces instead using fabric as the medium still. From 2002-2015, my work was shown in various galleries and occasionally adding
art to the streets under the nom de plume Pufferella.
I also founded, curated and operated Orchard Street Art Gallery in Lower East Side, NYC (2002-2007) and Factory Fresh in Brooklyn (2008-2012) with my
previous partner Ad Deville of Skewville.

Continuing to use fabric as the base, I now add ink and paint to create my final artwork scenes I call "Sewn Paintings". This additional material has allowed the work to take a new direction and evolve into its current form shown recently at Art Fairs and Juried Shows. Currently working out of an art studio in Greenpoint, BK at an old rope factory, has allowed me to make larger artworks.

Born in the USA. Lives and works in New York, NY USA

September 2022 Solo Show "Art on a Fence" a self created exhibition on an orchard fence outside of Washington DC

July 2022 Solo Show Online VIEW HERE,

May 2014 Solo Show “Vacancy”, Factory Fresh, Penthouse 9, Brooklyn, NY
April 2013 Solo Show  "Pufferella’s Boudoir", The Lab, Manhattan, NY
Feb 2010 Solo Show  "I Know u are but what am I?", Factory Fresh, Brooklyn, NY
April 2005 Solo Show  "Pufferella’s Sideshow",  The Pink Pony, Manhattan, NY
September 2003 Solo Installation  "Strung’d", Orchard Street Art Gallery, Manhattan, NY

May 2023 "The Table", Level Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

April 2023 "Cannibals of Love", Ejecta Projects, Carlisle, PA

March 2023 "HerStory 2023", Manhattan Arts, Online VIEW HERE

September 2022 "Penetrating the Surface", Van Der Plas Gallery, Manhattan, NY 

May 2022 "Gala Auction", Bailey House, Manhattan, NY 

November 2021 "Ham Sandwich", AHA Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY

August 2021 "Seduction", Incubator Gallery, Brooklyn NY
March 2021 "Gala Auction", Bailey House, Manhattan, NY 

March 2020 Clio Art Fair, Manhattan, NY 
March 2020 "Gala Auction", Bailey House, Manhattan, NY 

March 2019 "Grand Opening", New York Arts Gallery, Manhattan, NY
March 2019 "Gala Auction", Bailey House, Manhattan, NY
January 2019 "Stitch In Time", Friday Studio Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
October 2018 Clio Art Fair, Manhattan, NY
August 2018 "Exist in Color", Juried Exhibition, Dimebox Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT
July 2018 "Flowers and Monsters", Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn, NY
June 2018 "My Street He(art)", Alley Gallery, Rutland, VT
March 2018 "Monster of the ID", Friday Studio Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
March 2017 Clio Art Fair, Manhattan, NY
October 2016 "Ad Hoc’s 10th Anniversary & Luna Park Book Release", 17 Frost Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
July 2016 "Jon Burgerman’s Summer Party", Society of Illustrators, Manhattan, NY
January 2016 "Bushwick Book Club Galapagos Art Show", Manhattan, NY
September 2015 "Bushwick Book Club Tree Grows in Brooklyn Art Show", Superfine, Brooklyn, NY
May 2015 "Benefit auction for Housing Works", Metropolitan Pavilion, Manhattan, NY
Jan 2015 "Bushwick Book Club Blue Beard Art Show", Manhattan, NY
Nov 2014 "Another Group Show", 17 Frost Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
May 2014 "Benefit auction for Housing Works", Metropolitan Pavilion, Manhattan, NY
June 2013 "10 Year Anniversary Show",  MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
May 2012 "Streetudbe", Yo Gallery, Taipei City, Taiwan 
March 2012 "Art Station Armory After Party", The Hole, Manhattan, NY
June 2011 "Surrealism", Factory Fresh, Brooklyn, NY
December 2010 "Stars of Bethlehem", High Roller Society, London UK
March 2009 "Work To Do", 112 Green Street, Manhattan, NY
February 2009 "Street Crush",  AlphaBeta, Brooklyn, NY
December 2008 "The Piece Process", Anonymous Gallery, Manhattan, NY
December 2008 "The DeVille’s Holiday Special", Factory Fresh, Brooklyn, NY
September 2008 "Pufferella installation", Gallery Number One, Dublin, IR
July 2008 "Cancer Sell", 98 Leonard Street, London, UK
May 2007 "Booked", ABC No Rio, Manhattan, NY
March 2007 "Pure Projects Gallery", Nolita, Manhattan, NY
April 2006 "Girls Girls Girls", MF Gallery,Manhattan, NY
December 2005 "Taqaria Pendejo", Orchard Street Art Gallery, Manhattan, NY
November 2005 "The Toy Show",  MF Gallery, Manhattan, NY
October 2005 "The Fame Game", Basement Aire Gallery, Manhattan, NY
December 2004 "Masks", Paramount Theater, Peekskill, NY
September 2004 "Showgirls", Orchard Street Art Gallery, Manhattan, NY


2020 Art International Landscape finalist


December 2020 Oyedrum Magazine Volume 3, Coitus Interruptus Three Poems by Jessie Janeshek 

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